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I believe that life is the most precious resource on Earth and that it should be protected and preserved. While I hold the sanctity of life to be of utmost importance, I also believe that quality of life cannot be overlooked. ' Imi ola is the Hawaiian value of seeking the best or highest form of life. All of us living in Hawaii know that homelessness is a serious and growing problem. The high cost of living as well as an inability to access the appropriate levels of treatment for mental health and substance abuse has left many residents without homes, and some, in a state of chronic homelessness. In an effort to improve the quality of life and prevent people from cycling in and out of jail and emergency rooms, I will seek out creative strategies and changes to existing laws that prevent people from receiving treatment and pursuing their best life possible, ' imi ola.

Hawaii’s public school system has been underperforming for a long time. I believe that allowing school of choice will contribute to equality of education regardless of a student’s socioeconomic status. It will also increase convenience for parents and guardians, many of whom would prefer their children to attend a school in a different district because it is closer to work or other family members who assist with care for their children. Additionally, school of choice would allow schools to shine in the areas they are most gifted. School of choice allows students and parents to select the school that is the best fit for their needs and interests. It would allow a school to develop an impressive performing arts program, another to excel in STEM, and another to make its mark with athletics, etc. When schools are allowed to focus their resources on a couple of things, they can set themselves apart, giving their students an exceptional educational

experience in the areas in which they are most interested. With school of choice in place, vouchers would allow expansion of charter schools and even provide tuition for those who would like to attend private schools, further contributing to educational opportunities

for all students in Hawaii.

I believe that all people are precious and are made in the image of God with a unique, valuable set of giftings. I realize that there are circumstances that make having a baby and raising a child difficult so I will work to address those challenges so that individuals with unexpected pregnancies feel supported and empowered to carry their pregnancy to term and either parent or allow the adoption of their baby. A wonderful thing about Hawaii is that we take care of our keiki and 'ohanas by providing MedQuest Health insurance policies, assistance with childcare and early education, etc. Regardless, raising a child can be a financial, educational, occupational, mental,emotional, and social challenge. I will engage with those on the frontlines of providing assistance and care to women with unexpected pregnancies or facing hardship in providing or caring for their families. I will seek federal funding to assist them in addressing the various needs that come along with pregnancy and child-rearing.

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