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A challenge in the world today is that many have become uncomfortable with the free exchange of ideas.  This fear keeps us from engaging those with different experiences, perspectives, and ideologies and leaves us divided.  As a moderate Republican, I will reach across the aisle, engage those with different ideas and values, and aim for bipartisan collaboration so that the best ideas and solutions are put forth, no matter which side came up with them.  Enough partisan gridlock; it’s time for policies that serve the people.


As a Republican, I value small government with high levels of transparency and accountability to its citizens.  Eliminating government corruption is one reason I will advocate for term-limits for members of Congress.  


Government leaders should be accessible and in-touch with their constituents. Citizens of a free nation should have the rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness—without government infringement


The US Constitution and the Hawaiian Kingdom’s Constitution hold many things in common. Article 1 of the Hawaiian Kingdom Constitution states, “God hath endowed all men with certain inalienable rights; among which are life, liberty, and the right of acquiring, possessing, and protecting property, and of pursuing and obtaining safety and happiness.”  The Hawaiian Kingdom Constitution and the US Constitution also provide for freedom of religion and freedom of speech.  These freedoms are of utmost importance and should be protected and preserved for all.


Residents of Hawaii deserve to live in a place where they feel safe and are able to legally protect themselves and their property.  Therefore, I believe in second amendment rights as laid out in the US Constitution.  While I believe that citizens should have the right to keep and bear arms, I stand for common-sense, empirically validated gun-laws.   


During a time when many are concerned about finding a balance between personal rights and community safety, police-community interactions have been an important topic of discussion.  While ultimately, these are State, rather than Federal issues, I will encourage, on a Federal level, improved training for police officers.  We all want to live in a lawful and just society.  We want to have confidence in officers who have made a commitment to protect and serve, but recently we have seen abuses of power and examples of devastating injustice. 


Law enforcement is an extremely challenging job.  Job-related stress and trauma can take a toll on those who protect communities day in and day out.  I believe that special funding should be made available to improve police training in areas such as de-escalation tactics, diversity training, and non-lethal submission tactics.  As a member of the US military, physical and mental fitness is an important part of the job which contributes to confidence in myself and those with whom I serve.  Police should have fitness standards, opportunities to seek counseling when necessary, and improved reporting protocols for those officers with concerns about a fellow officer. I believe that improving training, care, and accountability on the police force will contribute to a safer society for all.

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